Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Love & Beauty's Mascara Primer

I have always wanted to try a mascara primer ever since I heard about them. The reviews on most of them were positive but the only thing holding me back from buying for myself was the price. So when i saw this one from Love & Beauty by Forever21 for only $3.50 I had to try it out!

The product comes in a square bottle that has a matte finish.

The wand is like a typical mascara wand but the product itself is white.

Lashes curled with no make up
With the mascara primer. It mostly applies translucent and in some  places white.
Added one coat of Loreal's Voluminous Million Lashes (in 645)
On the left is the eye with the mascara primer and on the right is no mascara primer.

I wasn't sure of how this product was going to work for me because of the fact that it was only $3.50. I am so impressed by this product though! It gave my lashes so much more length and volume and staying power too! It also kept most of a curl which is super important if you have straight lashes like me! I forgot to add in that on the left eye in that picture only had one coat of mascara and the right has two. I am defiantly going to add this into my everyday routine! 

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