Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Haul: London!

My mom recently went to the UK and brought me back some goodies! They consist of Olympic souvenirs and One Direction gear!

2012 Olympic Key Chain
2012 Olympic Lanyard
2012 Olympic Draw String Bag
One Direction Pins
One Direction Shirt
She also got me a Starbucks card from London which I can still use here in the states and a 1D poster which is still rolled up and would have been difficult to photograph. I am not sure where anything was bought or how much anything was so sorry about that. I just wanted to share the things I got from the UK! 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Fashion: Ombre and Dip Dye Hair

Dip Dye
Recently I have seen ombre and dip dyed hair everywhere! On the internet, at school, on celebs. Its a nice way to spice up your hair! I have noticed this trend has influenced many companies to put out products to temporarily dye your hair but still get the same affects. I love the look of ombre hair maybe I'll do it some day (I should add that to my sumer bucket list)!  I just wanted to say a little something about this trend. Hey and maybe there will be a tutorial in the future! 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Love & Beauty's Mascara Primer

I have always wanted to try a mascara primer ever since I heard about them. The reviews on most of them were positive but the only thing holding me back from buying for myself was the price. So when i saw this one from Love & Beauty by Forever21 for only $3.50 I had to try it out!

The product comes in a square bottle that has a matte finish.

The wand is like a typical mascara wand but the product itself is white.

Lashes curled with no make up
With the mascara primer. It mostly applies translucent and in some  places white.
Added one coat of Loreal's Voluminous Million Lashes (in 645)
On the left is the eye with the mascara primer and on the right is no mascara primer.

I wasn't sure of how this product was going to work for me because of the fact that it was only $3.50. I am so impressed by this product though! It gave my lashes so much more length and volume and staying power too! It also kept most of a curl which is super important if you have straight lashes like me! I forgot to add in that on the left eye in that picture only had one coat of mascara and the right has two. I am defiantly going to add this into my everyday routine! 

Overall Rating:

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hope this helped!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo from Lush

While I was at my local Lush store something seemed to catch my eye. I have seen these solid shampoos in reviews and on the Lush website and have herd many good things about them. I decided to get one to try myself and see if the review were true.

Before I say my thoughts this is the description of the product from the Lush website:
"Our purple shampoo bar jumps into action to sort out oil problems on top. It cleans away grease and balances sebum production for soft, shiny (in the good way) hair. Fruity juniperberry oil sorts out your oily, congested scalp, while lemon and lime make your hair clean and shiny and give it an extra fresh scent. The incredible herbal duo, lavender and rosemary are superpowers if you’re having troubles in the oil department. Rosemary has been used for hundreds of years for its anti-bacterial capabilities, while lavender is known for its ability to balance and soothe the scalp. You'll be jumping for joy in no time!"
I really like this product but I think I should have bought a different one that isn't so cleaning. This particular solid shampoo, Jumping Juniper, cleaned my hair so much that I actually felt like i needed to condition my hair. I usually do condition when I use my regular shampoo but after I rinsed the lather out my hair felt striped of any oils. I don't have oily hair anymore since I have been on accutane so I might try getting a more moisturizing next time I go. Since this is shampoo is actually for oily hair and I don't have oily hair i use it on the days when my hair hasn't been washed in a while, after a long run, after going to the lake etc.

The smell of this product reminds me of the PEZ candy!

I was skeptical on how this was going to lather but it acted like a regular shampoo. I wet my hair than with the bar scrubbed it on the top of my head, underneath my hair, and the sides and than gently scrubbed my scalp and transferred some of the lather to the ends of my hair.

I also got this tin container so the bar can stay dry when I'm not using it.  
I have used this a couple times and haven't put a dent in it... the sign did say that these would last longer than most relationships!

Purchased for around $10

Overall Rating

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(I recommend for those who have oily hair)

hope this helped! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Inexpensive Tip for a Whiter Smile

Disclaimer: Obviously these are not my teeth

Having a noticeably white smile seems to be today's fashion. If you are like me and are not blessed with perfect pearly white teeth, don't worry there is a solution! There are many solutions actually. Some can be done at home or professionally done at the dentist. But even the at home whitening strips can be a bit pricey (around $50 for a box of the Crest White Strips)! So if you cant afford to get your teeth professionally whitened or simply just don't want to spend the money, I have a super inexpensive way to help whiten your teeth!

So the only things you are going to need are a regular toothbrush (hopefully you already have one), and baking soda (probably found in your kitchen already)!

What you are going to do is pour a little bit or the baking soda in to a small cup or small dish or whatever you have. Than run your toothbrush under some water, dip the bristles in the powder and start brushing normally. Just to warn you it does taste bad. Actually bad is an understatement it tastes horrible! I usually can keep my tongue from coming in contact with the baking soda up until i have to spit it out. You probably don't want to go a full two minutes while brushing with the baking soda because I find that it made my gums a little irritated. So after your done brushing just rinse and you got your self a noticeably white smile! 

Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration. This way will not make your teeth super duper white like in the picture but it will brighten them a little! Enough for people to notice! 

Disclaimer: I am not a dentist and this probably isn't the safest way to whiten teeth so do not blame me if something goes horribly wrong (which hopefully it won't).

This technique has worked so well for me i hope it does for you!

Thanks for reading!

Review: Crown Brush 15 Piece Professional Set

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see a package waiting on my porch when I got home! I recently ordered the 15 Piece Professional Set with Designer Case by Crown Brush off of Hautelook. If you don't know what Hautelook is it is basically a website that has good sales that change everyday. A couple months ago I wanted to get these make up brushes but missed the days they were available. So when i received an email saying that Crown Brush was back I immediately logged on. 

This set comes with 15 different brushes (I think my order got messed up though because i received two lash fan brushes and no mini smudger) and comes in a faux reptile clutch that has 15 little slots to store the brushes in.
A flap of material to protect the brushes
Comes individually wrapped in plastic  
 The set I got came with:
Chisel Powder
Chisel Blush
Angle Blush
Angle Blender
Blending Fluff
Oval Shadow
Flat Liner 
Angle Liner
Oval Lip
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Brow Groomer 
Round Crease
The quality of these brushes are very good! All of them are soft and have minimal shedding. I have heard that they bleed their color the first couple of times they get washed but I think i can live with that. The oval shadow and angle blender seems too big for being used on my eyes so I'll be using them on my face for highlight or contouring maybe. 

I got this set for $30 + tax and shipping which came out to be around $40. $40 is a lot but it is about the same price as one Mac brush, so i think it was a pretty good deal! 

Overall Rating

Would I buy this product again/Tell a friend?

hope this helped!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Rimmle London's Sexy Curves (Waterproof)

I picked up both the regular and waterproof version of this product at the drugstore the other day! I have heard a mix of reviews on both of these so I decided to try it out for myself. 

The packaging for the waterproof is a metallic, aqua blue color as shown in the picture above. It's very flashy  and I actually love how it looks.

When you take the wand out it has a curvy shape and is made from the plastic type of bristles.  

Before you see the pictures of my lashes I want to mention that i have naturally very straight lashes (which are such a pain) so I am very particular of what mascaras I use. 

This is my eye with no make up and curled lashes
 One coat
Two coats and on my bottom lashes

I don't know if you can tell that my expression changes as I put more coats on. I'm just gonna say its not the best mascara... 

There is a difference in the picture with no make up compared to the one with two coats, but not much. The formula is very watery so it tends to weigh down my eyelashes and also causes them to uncurl. It also takes forever to dry! Since the wand has those unique curves more product gets in the skinnier part which made my eyelashes all clumped together but with some fiddling around they got less clumped together. This product also has a strong aroma which can be overpowering. 

There are only a few things this product has to give that I like. The staying power is amazing! I have gone swimming multiple times wearing this and it has lasted through out the day (probably longer if i kept it on). The color is very black (which i like) so if you were looking for a more natural look this probably would not be the mascara for you. Also, it does add a good amount of length but a small about of volume. 

Overall Rating:

Would I buy this product again? 

This is just my opinion on this product. Just because it doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you! 

hope this helped!