Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Crown Brush 15 Piece Professional Set

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see a package waiting on my porch when I got home! I recently ordered the 15 Piece Professional Set with Designer Case by Crown Brush off of Hautelook. If you don't know what Hautelook is it is basically a website that has good sales that change everyday. A couple months ago I wanted to get these make up brushes but missed the days they were available. So when i received an email saying that Crown Brush was back I immediately logged on. 

This set comes with 15 different brushes (I think my order got messed up though because i received two lash fan brushes and no mini smudger) and comes in a faux reptile clutch that has 15 little slots to store the brushes in.
A flap of material to protect the brushes
Comes individually wrapped in plastic  
 The set I got came with:
Chisel Powder
Chisel Blush
Angle Blush
Angle Blender
Blending Fluff
Oval Shadow
Flat Liner 
Angle Liner
Oval Lip
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Brow Groomer 
Round Crease
The quality of these brushes are very good! All of them are soft and have minimal shedding. I have heard that they bleed their color the first couple of times they get washed but I think i can live with that. The oval shadow and angle blender seems too big for being used on my eyes so I'll be using them on my face for highlight or contouring maybe. 

I got this set for $30 + tax and shipping which came out to be around $40. $40 is a lot but it is about the same price as one Mac brush, so i think it was a pretty good deal! 

Overall Rating

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